Robert McCarthy: It’s been a strange summer in kennels *H&H Plus*


H&H’s hunting columnist reflects on lockdown, and looks to the season ahead

When we finished trail-hunting last season as the first news and repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic were starting to set in, I rather foolishly and selfishly thought, “Well, at least by the start of next season, we’ll all be back to normal…” How wrong was I?

It’s been a very strange summer in kennels. Like many hunts, we had to furlough our groom for three months. Our voluntary, unpaid kennelman also had to self-isolate since he’s not 21 any more.

We went from three-and-a-half staff to two in one swift move. All holidays that had been booked well in advance disappeared before our eyes, along with much of the rest of normality.