Adam Cromarty: Making the best of a bad situation *H&H Plus*


  • H&H’s showjumping columnist reflects on why Aintree provided us with a slice of positivity

    We have been given a variety of excuses to be negative over the past few months. I know my year continues to be exponentially different. This week I would usually be at a tournament in China, before embarking on a 15-hour flight to attend the World Cups in Washington DC, Toronto and then Las Vegas.

    As Covid-19 continues to drag on, there seems to be a narrative within the media that this pandemic is temporary and the effects on society will be short-lived. I really don’t share this view.

    The consensus of opinion within the medical and scientific communities of when some sort of normality may return seem to look toward the third quarter of 2021, if a meaningful supply of an effective vaccine can be created.