New visors and refills as industry goes greener *H&H Plus*

  • H&H brings you some of the latest examples of equestrian businesses reacting to demand from consumers and their own aims as they act to reduce waste...

    The equestrian industry continues to strive towards being greener with more companies taking eco-friendly measures.

    Businesses say reducing single-use plastic and packaging, and using recyclable materials has remained at the forefront as they try to do their bit for the planet with more environmentally friendly options.

    During the coronavirus pandemic, Ecotect Ltd has manufactured reusable safety visors, made from at least 90% recycled content, for attaching to riding helmets and baseball caps.

    Company director and former showjumper Laura Newman told H&H she wanted a product that could protect people and be eco-friendly.

    “Not everyone can wear a face mask so the idea is that everyone at a show on a horse, or on the ground, can be protected,” she said.

    “We’ve all got to be greener – not just the equestrian world. Our planet only has limited resources and we’re digging into them. People can be so busy and don’t always think about being green, but I hope by making the visors available to people then they can make the choice to be greener.”

    Equestrian retailer Threshers Barn started offering refills of fly spray a few years ago and is now offering refills of more products including hoof oil, garlic, biotin and omega-3 oil.

    Owner Mel Jones told H&H there has been a “huge call” from consumers for companies to reduce single-use plastics.

    “Our customers really like the refills. We still offer a choice, but more people will choose the refillable options and bring along their own containers,” she said.

    “As an industry, we do generate a lot of plastic waste, especially with packaging. While companies are getting better, there is still a lot more that could be done and I would like to see some of the big manufacturers reduce the amount of plastic packaging products arrive in – we don’t need individually wrapped hoof picks, wrapped in more plastic packaging, in a box.”

    British lungeing aid manufacturer EquiAmi has introduced “environmentally friendly” packaging, using packing tape and paper manufactured from recycled materials. In addition, the company is aiming to be completely plastic-free in the “very near” future.

    EquiAmi director Jo Forrester said she started 2020 with a clear aim to make the product “as green as possible”.

    “I believe it’s important that every single one of us takes steps to manage the environmental impact of our daily lives and I always like to lead from the front. By going green, I feel we are doing our bit to limit what ends up in the habitat of our wonderful wildlife,” she said.

    “Being riders usually means we are able to enjoy the countryside, therefore it is important we all pull together to see the removal of unnecessary plastics and alike that are damaging our surroundings.”

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