May identified as key period for veterinary insurance claims *H&H Plus*

After Petplan Equine released its annual review of most-claimed for conditions, H&H spoke to other equine insurers to find out if they saw similar claim patterns and asked a member of the British Equine Veterinary Association’s health and medicines committee for his thoughts...

The top five most claimed-for conditions in 2019 have been revealed – with three of the conditions peaking in May, according to an equine insurance provider.

Petplan Equine’s most claimed-for condition was arthritis – which overtook gastric ulcers in 2019. Colic, desmitis (inflamation of a ligament) and laminitis made up the remainder of the top five. The insurer also found that ulcer, colic and laminitis claims peaked in May.

Petplan Equine’s veterinary expert Gil Riley MRCVS said he would expect seasonal peaks for some conditions, but looking at three years of claims figures showed how significant May is in horse care.

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Contrary to myth, laminitis occurs all year-round and not just in the spring. It is an emergency that needs prompt