Pytchley huntsman to move packs after 10 years: ‘I am looking for a new challenge’ *H&H Plus*

  • After 10 seasons at the Pytchley, H&H columnist Daniel Cherriman will be westward bound, reports Catherine Austen

    Daniel Cherriman (pictured) will become joint-master and huntsman of the South Shropshire on 1 May. After 10 seasons as professional huntsman of the Pytchley with Woodland, he will take over from George Renwick, who is stepping down after three seasons. The other four joint-masters – Walter Blum Gentilomo, Camilla Corrie, Amy Henderson and William Onions – will remain in place.

    Daniel, who is married to Jessica and has two children, Jack, five, and Ted, one, said: “I’ve been very happy here at the Pytchley and have really enjoyed my time. However, what I haven’t achieved in 10 seasons I am not going to achieve in 20, so I am looking for a new challenge.

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