Taming the tiny tyrant: 7 common problems with naughty ponies and how to solve them *H&H Plus*

Quick-thinking, intelligent or downright delinquent, ponies have all manner of tricks in their armoury. Andrea Oakes checks out seven common problems and how to solve them

“I love ponies – all manner of them,” enthuses Adam Forster of the Jinks Show Team. “They’re full of character, charm and charisma, and they really keep you on your toes.”

Parents who’ve seen the more “characterful” side emerge may read this last sentence with a wry smile. There’s little to rival a naughty pony in prompting tears of sheer frustration – and not just from the child.

Adam explains that ponies are typically blessed with a natural intelligence, which can work both ways.

“Ponies can be quicker thinking than horses and may more readily pick up on what you’re trying to teach them,” he says, adding that he and partner David Jinks have produced winners from “all sorts” at their Cheshire yard. “This means you have to stay one step ahead. You’re always trying to second guess ponies – and they’re always trying to outdo you.