Legends of the sport: Tamarillo — ‘He felt he was important, but not superior’ *H&H Plus*

Known for his quirky attitude, this spooky part-bred Arab proved brilliantly athletic after a sticky start. Catherine Austen pays homage to this class act

“He was an absolute showman, but in no way was he arrogant; a show prince who wanted to look lovely, but needed your approval and reassurance. He felt he was important, but not superior,” says William Fox-Pitt.

Anyone who took even a passing interest in eventing in the first decade of this century knows which horse he is talking about – the quixotic, charming Tamarillo, whose unmistakable dished face revealed his Arab blood.

Together they won both Badminton and Burghley and several medals for Britain but, such was Tamarillo’s brilliance when on form that one almost feels they never quite achieved the one pinnacle they deserved – that championship victory.

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