‘It’s our responsibility’: how equestrian professionals are striving to be more environmentally sustainable *H&H Plus*

  • With the challenge of climate change, what part are equestrian professionals playing to be more sustainable in their roles? Stephanie Bateman investigates

    REDUCING the impact we have on our planet is a major global focus. While big equestrian brands and companies are playing their part to be more sustainable, what about individuals and smaller set-ups working in the industry?

    Zoe Kiff set up Honest Riders Clothing in 2017 when looking for more sustainable riding kit for herself and care products for her horses.

    “I realised that the options in the equestrian market were really limited, so decided to set up a brand whose sole focus was on providing more eco-friendly options,” says Zoe. “We consider our environmental impact at every step of the product journey.”

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