Why good manners out hunting is more important than ever *H&H Plus*

  • Courtesy and consideration are fundamental to happy hunting, and must remain as the pandemic piles pressure on us all. Abigail Butcher investigates...

    AS hunts across the UK prepare to begin their season in earnest, with Covid-19 restrictions gathering pace, attention on hunting to act responsibly and with respect is growing. Able to continue their lawful trail-hunting activities behind closed doors under a Government exception that applies to many other leisure and sporting events, the conduct and compliance with all legislation is under close scrutiny.

    The countryside has never before been so widely used and enjoyed, with many discovering the delights of nature for the first time during lockdown – and they might this winter encounter a pack of hounds for the first time. We must create a lasting good impression, says Alice Bowden, director of The Hunting Office.

    “The hunting world is by nature incredibly polite and courteous, but unfortunately passers-by will often only remember those who forget to say thank you, rather than remembering all those that do,” says Alice. “So it’s paramount right now that all mounted and foot-followers are courteous to everyone at all times.

    “The key word is respect; hunts must be considerate of other road users and those using rights of way, and remain respectful of other people’s sensitivities in this current Covid situation.”


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