Hounds of a lifetime: the best ones huntsmen have been privileged to work alongside *H&H Plus*

  • Every hound is special, but some are real stars. Frank Houghton Brown asks eight huntsmen to name the best hound they have come across

    Tiverton Goldfinch 00
    College Valley Governor 95–Charcoal 94

    MANY of the hounds in the Badminton kennel today go back to Tiverton Goldfinch, who former kennel-huntsman and then huntsman Tony Holdsworth brought with him from Devon, where he hunted the Tiverton.

    “I hacked to the meet on the first morning’s autumn hunting when Goldfinch was just a puppy and there were two deer in the field alongside. Goldfinch set off after them and, as we were standing at the meet with all the rest of the hounds, we could hear her hunting them,” says Tony.

    “Eventually she gave up, and at the end of the morning we had a hunt of about an hour and lost the fox. Goldfinch started to mark in a rabbit hole, but none of the other hounds were interested. Sure enough, Goldfinch was right.”

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