Andrew Cook’s key learnings from 30 years’ hunting: ‘Always trust your hounds’ *H&H Plus*

  • As Andrew Cook prepares to step down from a 30-year career with hounds, he talks to Tessa Waugh about his experiences and what he has learnt

    ON 1 May this year Andrew Cook is retiring as master of the Dumfriesshire and Stewartry Foxhounds after 15 seasons. It is a big change after 30 years in hunting – a good stint by any standards.

    When asked why he is stopping, he bats the question away with a swift, “because my wife told me to”, followed by a hearty cackle.

    Andrew is not one to wear his heart on his sleeve. Nor does he enjoy talking about himself. But when pressed he is clear: “I have been in hunting in one way or another since I was 16. I have done 15 seasons here and if I want to do something else, I need to do it now before I get too old.”

    Rather pointedly, he adds: “We’ve all seen people who have carried on too long. I don’t want to make that mistake.”


    This exclusive interview is also available to read in H&H magazine, 25 March 2021 issue

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