‘We had one of those magic days’: meet Ireland’s hunting linchpin *H&H Plus*

David Lalor has been a master since 1992 and is in his second term as IMFHA chairman. Liam Clancy talks to him about his life, and whether the sport is under threat in Ireland

If any one person could be said to be the face of Irish hunting, it is David Lalor, currently in the middle of his second term as chairman of the Irish Masters of Foxhounds Association (IMFHA).

“I’d say that I’ve had to devote more time to it this year than any other chairman who went before me, due to insurance and Covid and the whole lot,” he tells Horse & Hound.

The strain of the job appears to rest lightly on his broad shoulders. He is a level-headed character, a shrewd judge of both horses and men, with a good-humoured tolerance for human frailties. He is also, of course, a desperately keen hunting man, battering his way across the bank-and-ditch country of Co Laois on his big, well-bred horses with a facility that many men half his age cannot match.

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