‘Mourn, but no tears’: the final resting places of hunting heroes *H&H Plus*

Where are the hunting greats buried? Rory Knight Bruce takes a pilgrimage around some of our heroes’ graves

In his often-quoted and much-loved hunting poem, Running on!, the Scottish Border poet Will H Ogilvie includes the line: “Good men follow the good men gone”. While this may offer some solace to those still living, particularly when it is read at funerals, it rather asks the question as to where the ones that have “gone” have, in fact, gone.

The answer, on Earth at any rate, is to a variety of places – to churchyards and memorial cairns, ashes scattered on the winds and in all manner which celebrate their hunting lives.

Any selection of these gures is bound to some extent to be personal, but they serve to show the rewards that may be had from visiting any hunting gure’s grave.

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