A lifeline in the pandemic: how horses have been a saviour over the past year *H&H Plus*

  • Horses have become a coping mechanism for many during the pandemic, as Eleanor Jones discovers

    When the order was first given, last March, “you must stay at home”, the country came to a shuddering halt.

    With schools, offices, shops and workplaces closed, those riders who were still able to visit their livery yards throughout the dark spring days of the first lockdown were deeply grateful to have a passion that legitimately took them out of the house, and to be able to retain some semblance of normal life.

    The lockdowns have highlighted the role horses can and do play in benefiting the lives of all those fortunate to have contact with them. Awareness has been growing over the past few years of the wide and lasting benefits of equine-assisted therapy and learning, and the current situation may be when people need it the most.

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