Top dog: which types of dog does the horse world prefer? *H&H Plus*

  • From bulldogs going schooling to whippets chasing the racehorses up the gallops, there is no end of tricks a yard dog can get up to. Camilla Swift tracks down a few characters from across the country

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that where there are horses, there will be dogs not far away. Well, perhaps that’s not exactly how the quote goes. But it’s certainly true. Horses and hounds – as the title of this magazine suggests – go hand in hand.

    But are there certain breeds that horsey types are more drawn to? As with everything, the fashions change.

    “Border terriers used to be the must-have eventing dog, but you don’t see quite so many now,” says Rebecca Harvie, who runs Munstead Horse Trials near Godalming, Surrey. “Dachshunds – mini and standard – seem to be the trendy dog now. Labs are still quite popular, as are Weimaraners, vizslas and ridgebacks. We also see quite a lot of tiny dogs and masses of poodle crosses – but the poodle crosses seem to be more with the spectators than the competitors.”

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