Riding from the ground: the benefits of long-reining and how to do it *H&H Plus*

Long-reining is a hugely valuable tool that can benefit all horses. Stephanie Bateman talks to young horse expert Brendan Gallagher to find out how to long-rein efficiently and what exercises you can do.

“Long-reining has long been an integral part of the breaking-in process in terms of getting a horse used to the rein and voice aids and establishing the steering and brakes,” explains freelance rider and trainer Brendan Gallagher. “It also gives you the opportunity to expose a young horse to scenarios outside the arena, getting them more confident going on their own.”

Long-reining is equally beneficial for older horses and those recovering from injury.

“You can long-rein in straight lines, which is low stress and low intensity, and it is effectively like riding your horse but from the ground,” says Brendan. “You can use half-halts – a squeeze and release down the outside rein – and you can change the bend, ask for transitions and perform many shapes and movements.”

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