Young rider round-up: New PC branch

  • A new branch of the Pony Club has opened in west Norfolk. The Walpole and District branch is the first branch to open in four years, it brings the total number of Pony Club branches to 361.

    During its first week in existence, the branch signed up 18 members — a testament to local demand.

    “There was a significant group of Norfolk members who found transportation an issue and could not reach the surrounding branches of West Norfolk, Fitzwilliam and Burghley,” said Pony Club chief executive Judy Edwards. “So creating a new branch was an obvious solution.”

    Walpole and District’s district commissioner is Mrs Vicky Barton, and the secretary is Simon Barton. For more information contact Mr Barton (tel: 01945 881216) or visit www.pcuk.org

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