Yellow coats sell out after Badminton fashion craze goes viral

  • A rider who shared pictures of a Badminton fashion craze has been “stunned” by the reaction on social media.

    Ria Hattam sported her new jacket at the event (3-7 May) and soon realised she wasn’t the only spectator wearing the mustard-coloured coat.

    Ria’s friend Mark Tween snapped pictures of her and 16 unsuspecting members of the public who had also donned matching jackets for the event.

    Ria and Wizzle

    The hilarious photographs, captioned, “When you buy a new yellow coat at Badminton and quickly discover everyone else did too”, have gone viral on social media.

    “Who knew walking around Badminton taking pictures with strangers wearing yellow coats would end up going viral?” said Ria.

    “I can’t believe how far it’s gone — I’m stunned by it.”

    Grace Alderman, Nyah Rendle, Keira Rendle, Mark Tween, Ria Hattam and Claire Tween

    Cornwall-based rider Ria enjoys hunting with her eight-year-old Shire/thoroughbred cross gelding Wizzle.

    This was her first year at Badminton and she plans to return in the future.

    “I think Badminton will be a bit of a tradition from now on,” she added.

    “I was wearing the jacket but I’ve hung it up for a little while [after all the attention].”

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    Retailer Tokyo Laundry sells Ria’s popular coat for £39.99.

    The company had to restock the jacket after it sold out following Badminton.

    “We’re very happy it’s got the coverage,” Tokyo Laundry managing director Sachin Passi told H&H.

    “It was one of our best selling jackets — we sold lots and lots [before Badminton] and since then it’s selling well again.”

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