Write to your MPs, urges BHS Forestry Campaign

  • Riders and carriage drivers are being asked to write to their MPs to secure greater equestrian access to Forestry Commission land.

    The British Horse Society’s (BHS) Forestry Campaign is striving to give riders the same access to forestry land as walkers and cyclists.

    At present, riders in many areas are being charged for a permit to Forestry Commission land. This extra expense is forcing them to stick to the roads, which are more dangerous and less enjoyable for both horses and riders.

    “We are encouraging all people, but especially those who are charged to use forests in their area, to write to their MPs because this is unfair discrimination against equestrians,” said Mark Weston, BHS director of access, safety and welfare.

    The English Forestry Commission estate extends to 258,000 hectares – a potentially vast resource of off-road riding. However riders have access to just 22% of England’s public rights of way and carriage drivers only 5%.

    The BHS has prepared a letter to download from their website and post to your MP.

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