Would you like to be a Shetland pony walker?

  • Do you love Shetlands?

    World Horse Welfare is looking for volunteers to walk its Shetland ponies to keep their weight down this summer.

    The charity’s rescue and rehoming centre in Snetterton, Norfolk currently has seven Shetlands that need exercising.

    As the ponies are too small for the horse walker – they duck under the dividers – the charity is looking at a new way of keeping them fit.

    “After the success a few years ago when we gave staff the opportunity to walk some of the Shetlands in their lunch break, we thought this time we would extend the offer to members of the public,” said centre manager Sue Hodgkins.

    “We are happy for people to come to the centres on any day of the week between 10.30am and 12.30pm to help.

    “If we get people regularly volunteering we can put together a rota and keep track of the ponies’ weight loss, which might even create a bit of healthy competition!”

    For more information contact Sue on 01953 499100.

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