Wormer donated to Exmoor pony conservation trust

  • Eqvalan® has donated a quantity of wormer to the Moorland Mousie Trust for their Exmoor ponies, as part of the worming product’s 25th birthday celebrations.

    Exmoor ponies are an endangered breed which provide invaluable habitat management in nature conservation areas. Their selective grazing allows various flora and fauna to survive.

    But these areas are managed by wildlife organisations that do not allow ponies to be wormed on site, which means this only takes place twice a year. Although Exmoor ponies are hardy, any problems they have are often worm-related. The donated wormer will save the Moorland Mousie Trust valuable funds.

    “With the number of ponies we look after [more than 100 on 30 sites], the costs to the charity run into thousands,” said Moorland Mousie Trustee Juliet Rogers.

    Eqvalan has also made a birthday donation earlier this year to the upkeep of the Pewsey White Horse landmark, Wiltshire.

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