World’s most valuable prize goes on show

  • It’s the one all showjumpers want and valued at an estimated £250,000, the King George V Gold Cup is believed to be the world’s most valuable sporting trophy.

    There is a rare opportunity for visitors to see the King George V Gold Cup when it goes on display at the Royal International Horse Show at Hickstead (25-29 July).

    The trophy, which depicts George slaying the dragon, was last seen on Garrard’s stand at Hickstead four years ago.

    This year, it will be on display at the London Goldsmiths Company’s stand.

    Caterina Swain, spokesperson for the company, says: “The trophy is 18ct gold, very old and very large. As the world’s most valuable trophy, we will have our own security guard on the stand.”

    She says the company also hope to carry on displaying the trophy on a regular basis.

    The present holder of the cup is John Whitaker, who won it with Virtual Village Welham.

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