“World’s most expensive cheese” — made from donkeys milk

  • Shops already sell goats, sheeps and cows milk cheese — but would you eat cheese made from donkeys milk?

    Milk from a herd of 100 Balkan donkeys in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is reported to be being used to produce “the world’s most expensive cheese”.

    According to local reports managers of Zasavica reserve near Srenska, have decided to collect the donkey milk and make cheese from it.

    Zasavica Special Nature Reserve Manager Slobodan Simić told local press: “Nobody was willing to make it, because it contains low levels of milk fat, but we wanted to have a rare product and attract people to first come to the nature, and then try products made from (the milk) of ancient breeds.”

    The smoked cheese called Pule — Serbian for foal — costs 1,000euros per kilogram and is exclusively made for advance orders.

    One kilogram of the cheese takes 25litres of donkey milk to make.

    Mr Simic is also considering making cosmetic creams, soaps, and a type of liquer, all from donkey milk.

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