12 ponies of Christmas: Vienna seeks new start in 2017

  • On the 10th day of Christmas, H&H and World Horse Welfare gave to me… Vienna

    Vienna was among several horses seized by the RSPCA and World Horse Welfare in a joint operation in February 2016.

    She was found housed in a dark, dirty metal shipping container with no light or ventilation.

    Her former owners were sentenced in August.


    Vienna, far right, in the shipping container where she was found

    “Shipping containers are not somewhere that any animal should ever be housed, even on a temporary basis and the terrible conditions these ponies were forced to endure were completely unacceptable,” said World Horse Welfare field officer Rachel Andrews at the time.

    “The containers were dark and damp with no clean bedding and nowhere dry for the ponies to lie down. There was some food available but it was mouldy.”

    The two-year-old 13.2hh coloured mare is described as having “a nice nature and is a good doer”.


    Vienna on arrival

    “She is looking for a home as a companion with the potential to be a ridden pony in the future,” said a World Horse Welfare spokesman.

    “We would love Vienna to find the home that she deserves in 2017.”

    Currently housed at World Horse Welfare’s Penny Farm in Lancashire, she mixed with mares and geldings in the field and currently lives out all the time.

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    The part-bred Welsh pony is unshod and can live out all year, with shelter.

    “Vienna still has a little more handling training to do, so needs someone who is confident to educate her on the ground. She would make a good companion or a future ridden pony,” added the spokesman.

    For more information on Vienna, or any of the other World Horse Welfare horses and ponies who are looking for new homes, click here.

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