Woman suing after being attacked by donkeys

  • A woman in Florida is suing the owner of a ranch after she was attacked by donkeys while out riding.

    Patty Curtice was out horse riding on her first date with boyfriend Angel Velez when two donkeys attacked Ms Curtice’s horse.

    She was thrown from the horse and injured and claims she had $80,000 worth of medical bills.

    The donkeys had escaped from a nearby ranch in Spring Hill owned by car dealer and philanthropist Frank Morsani.

    “The only thing I remember is the teeth coming at me. I didn’t get bitten by the donkey, I got trampled by him, but the teeth, I remember the teeth,” said Curtice.

    “It’s an accident. I don’t blame anybody but if the man had fixed the fence, I wouldn’t be in this mess.”

    Mr Morsani said his donkeys escaped when someone cut the fence of the field they were in.

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