‘Winnie The Pooh’ dies despite rescuers best efforts to save him

  • A pony found dumped in a field in Nottinghamshire last month has died.

    The skewbald colt, named Winnie The Pooh by his rescuers, was found abandoned in a private paddock on 10 December.

    The chain and padlock had been cut off the field gate to enable access. It is thought he had been left there the previous evening.

    Equine welfare charity Bransby Horses contacted the RSPCA about the pony. He was taken to Bransby’s Lincoln base for care and veterinary treatment.

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    The colt had been making progress, but deteriorated on New Year’s Eve and was put down on New Year’s Day.

    The charity revealed the sad news on social media on 2 January.

    “With much sadness and a very heavy heart, we have to tell you that we have lost him,” said a spokesman.

    “He did well over Christmas and we had allowed ourselves to feel optimistic but by New Year’s Eve he was very quiet.

    “On New Year’s Day morning he was uncomfortable and clearly not feeling happy; our vets were called and they came immediately.

    “We have been so grateful for the care and empathy they have shown towards little Winnie.”

    He added that Winnie was given “the maximum amount of pain relief” to give vets and staff time to monitor him, but after three hours he was still in pain and could not get comfortable.

    When the pony was found, he was in poor body condition, was extremely dehydrated and was suffering from severe diarrhoea.

    On 22 December, the charity posted an update to say that Winnie had been given a second plasma transfusion, was eating and seemed brighter.

    The spokesman said that they tried everything, but believe his worm burden became too much for him.

    We had no option but to end Winnie’s suffering as it was evident he was going downhill very fast and would not recover,” he said.

    “Our last act of kindness was to decide that he could not be allowed to pass away in pain and distress.

    “Take comfort, as we do, in knowing that Winnie’s last few weeks post-rescue were comfortable and he was warm and safe.”

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