William Fox-Pitt gets new sponsor in FMBs therapy systems

  • FMBs therapy systems is sponsoring William Fox-Pitt with its Activo-Med Combi Pro therapy rug.

    The Activo-Med Combi Pro is a massage therapy rug which offers both sequenced pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) and cyclonic massage therapy and can be used regularly for pre-warm up or rehabilitation.

    William has been using the therapy system for the past two years and says: “I can honestly say it’s worth the investment 10 times over. I use the pulsed electromagnetic and massage rug on all the horses before they are worked to loosen and relax their muscles, and after to aid the recovery process.”

    Scientific research using thermal imaging and gait analysis has shown a marked improvement in the way of going and length of stride of horses after using the Activo-Med system on a pre-warm up setting. This is supported by feedback from top riders in a range of disciplines.

    There are two Activo-Med systems currently available — the Activo-Med Pro Systems and the Activo-Med Combi Sport Systems. Prices start at £1,200 for the Sport Rug and £1,800 for the Pro Rug (including VAT).

    FMBs therapy systems are the official distributors of the Activo-Med systems in the UK and Ireland. For more details or to arrange a demo at your yard, call 01628 472440 or 07885 539312 or visit www.fmbs.co.uk

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