What’s in the spring issue of H&H Ask The Vet?

  • Horse & Hound’s spring issue of Ask The Vet is on sale now in all good newsagents.

    If you want to keep your horse fit and healthy all year, don’t miss these 100-pages jam-packed P001_HAH_MAY22.inddwith the latest advice from leading vets and industry experts.

    Would you know if your horse is dehydrated, how can you ensure warmer weather doesn’t have a negative effect and are you confused why your equine isn’t gaining weight despite growing grass? Plus discover the unusual table condiment that one reader swears by to protect her pony from irritating flies.

    Read about the unlikely comeback of a point-to-pointer following a catastrophic tendon injury, and get the low-down on how to keep all four limbs healthy with the latest veterinary leg care advice.

    Do you know your ragwort from your St John’s wort and can you recognise the many different types of poisonous plants? Work out what needs pulling up with our handy guide. There’s also a break-down of the horse’s back, how it works and why what you’re doing on top can impede their movement — never be confused by the terms “lift his back” and “engage the hindleg” again!

    Are you confident that your horse’s heart is healthy? You will be with our easy-to-follow cardiac cycle and structure of this super-important muscle. Plus common problems you need to be aware of.

    Identify whether your horse is at risk of a nosebleed, what causes a horse to collapse or fall and why ears are central to a horse’s wellbeing. Spot the signs of azoturia and understand the science behind hormones and genes. Can a well-behaved horse be bred, or is it all down to good training?

    Considering whether to send your mare to stud or keep her at home? Three industry experts help you decide. Plus vital ways to prepare a nervous horse for a visit from the vet, how to avoid a positive dope test and eight simple methods that keep hooves healthy.

    Ask The Vet is on sale now

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