What next for the Countryside Alliance’s “Lady Godiva”?

  • “Huntin’, shootin’, flashin’!” screamed The Sun when Camilla Jackson rode through Westminster in 2002 – with only a pair of pink knickers to protect her modesty – in protest at the hunting ban.

    But since making headlines around the world, Miss Jackson has focused quietly on her day job as a painter.

    And now the woman the Countryside Alliance called “our own Lady Godiva” is about to present her first solo show.

    “Untethered” at the Cork Street Gallery in London features images of rural life, including Romany horse-drawn wagons and Longhorn cattle.

    Camilla, who describes her work as “classical, with a contemporary twist”, is now based in London and rarely gets to hunt.

    So would she repeat her daring Lady Godiva stunt to help the cause of repeal?

    “Probably not,” she laughs. “It was just about acceptable at 23, but not now I’m 33. I’m sure someone else would take up the baton, though.”

    Untethered runs from 24-29 October at Cork Street Gallery.

    This news story was first published in the current issue of Horse & Hound (20 October, 2011)

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