WEG blog: Kentucky broad getting broader

  • Copy filed. Office happy. Job done. Phew. It’s strange being the roving reporter when I’m normally the office-based sub for my own reports and everyone else’s. I feel guilty knowing what a mission it is getting everything laid out for special reports. The eventing pages are still in progress, but showjumping editor Jennifer Donald sent the dressage to press earlier so she can now rightly kick back and watch the jumping on TV.

    It’s probably a darn sight warmer in Jen’s living room than out in this stand, but I’m not complaining and know how much she would love to be here. I wish she was here. She could explain this barmy format to me again for a start… oh and she’s pretty awesome company, too.

    The sheer size of the fences at this level has never hit me as hard as it did this afternoon. The athleticism of the horses when you can hear every stride, breath and groan of exertion is immense close up. Fingers crossed the rest of our Brits can follow in the dressage and eventing teams’ footsteps; what a coup that would be!

    Yesterday evening, heading for the shuttle back to the motel, I caught a glimpse of the showjumpers arena familiarisation in the grand stadium under the spotlights. That was pretty special. It’s not every night you get to see legends like Rodrigo Pessoa just mooching about. Very cool.

    Pippa Roome’s had a lot of food chat in her blog and I’m finding this ironic considering she’s half my size. So today I’m going to join in. Last night, I had my corn pudding initiation. It’s like sweetcorn in custard tart and is surprisingly delicious. They’re into sweet and savour combinations out here. Jamie Oliver might not approve of the confusion of flavours, but I like it. Then there was bread and butter pudding Kentucky style, with bourbon sauce. Yum, yum, yum.

    Us journalists are starting to get a little spoilt in fact, with a Rolex luncheon today as well. I fear I may need two seats on the flight back…

    Tonight, I’m heading to a concert with The Chieftains, whom I believe were big in the 80s and are a traditional Irish band, so I’ll feel nearer home. It won’t be a late night though, as the paradressage starts at half eight in the morning. Now there’s a discipline in which we’re bound to win more gold. No pressure, guys.

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