Wanted: potential police horses

  • West Yorkshire Police are searching for new horses to join their mounted force, due to a deficit in their stables following budget cuts and a number of retirements.

    This is the third time the force has appealed to the public for “gift” horses. A number of horses currently working in the force were found through the previous appeals, including Wilson, Max and Menston (pictured below left to right)

    “Sometimes we buy appropriate mounts,” explains Sarah Shakespeare of West Yorkshire Police, “but another option is for people to ‘gift’ us horses. This can happen in cases where the owner has a big animal that is proving too much of a handful, or costing too much to keep.”

    Donors are encouraged to keep in touch with their horses, and follow their new careers.

    West Yorkshire Police horses are used in a variety of roles, including high-visibility patrols, football matches, crowd control, ceremonial events; some compete in regional trials.

    Suitable animals need to be at least 16.2hh, and sound in health and temperament. Potential horses are inspected and vetted, and taken on trial patrols. Those accepted into the force are fully trained for police duties.

    Owners interested in either gifting or selling a horse to the Mounted Section should contact Inspector Trevor Thackeray (tel: 01924 292354).

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