Want a healthy horse this winter? Don’t miss the new issue of H&H Ask The Vet

  • Does your horse really need to wear that extra rug? Could you do more to help your veteran survive the winter? Might your horse’s filled legs mean something more sinister?

    Find out the answers to these questions and much more in the latest issue of H&H Ask The Vet, on sale now in WHSmith, supermarkets and independent newsagents, and online here.




    Winter can be a tough time of year for horse owners and our charges. In this issue, vets reveal their top 10 steps to happiness for every equine during the cold months. Plus how to accurately assess whether your horse really needs to wear a thicker rug — and the implications of overdressing him.

    Unusually warm winter temperatures can wreak havoc on equine health, but H&H Ask The Vet helps you be prepared for wet, muddy conditions.


    Have you heard of EOTRH? Few are aware of this recently reported new dental disease, but you can get the low-down on this highly destructive condition in H&H Ask The Vet.

    Do you find that filled legs are a regular occurrence when stabled time increases? Discover why you shouldn’t always dismiss this swelling as harmless.

    It’s lethal but preventable, yet many horses aren’t protected against tetanus. Find out what this means for you — even if your horse is up to date with his boosters.


    Racehorse trainers rave about LED lighting — and it has had a major impact in the thoroughbred breeding industry. Find out how light therapy, including the use of a solarium, could revitalise the way your horse looks and behaves.

    Plus, how equine thermal surveying may be helpful in identifying and monitoring problems in all areas of the horse’s body — and what vets really think about the method.


    Keep horses in their twilight years happy when it’s cold with our expert advice, swot up on the golden feeding rules and the science behind them. Plus find out why, if your equine has a penchant for chewing things — perhaps his lead-rein or rugs — he could be at risk of a life-threatening blockage.

    The winter 2016 issue of H&H Ask The Vet also covers wobblers, how to prepare a mare for breeding, Cushing’s disease, bone chips and much more.

    H&H Ask The Vet is on sale now in WHSmith, supermarkets, independent newsagents and online.

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