Walk like a horse with equine stilts

  • Horse lovers who have wondered what it feels like to trot like a prize-winning pony can now do just that, courtesy of a pair of equine-inspired stilts.

    “Digigrade leg extensions” are the idea of Seattle-based sculptor Kim Graham.

    Aimed at costumiers, performers and actors, the horse legs are made from steel cable, steel, rigid plastic and foam and add an extra 14 inches of height to the wearer. But these are no ordinary stilts.

    “They give a person the uncanny and graceful appearance of an animal. It is really cool,” says Kim. “The movement is genuinely naturalistic.”

    Each custom-made set costs around £500, and for an extra-equine look, the extensions can be covered with hair.

    They can be worn comfortably for five hours, and Kim claims it takes 10-15 minutes to get used to them.

    “A brisk walk is best, running is very hard,” Kim states on her website.

    And wanting to walk like a horse is clearly popular — there is a two-month wait.

    • Visit www.kimgrahamstudios.com

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (14 May, ’09)

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