Verm-X given full ethical accreditation for social responsibility

  • A market leader in pest control has been given full ethical accreditation following stringent analysis by an independent body.

    Verm-X, launched in 2002 for the equine market, offers natural control for internal parasites for a range of animals and birds. The company focuses solely on reducing the use of chemicals in animal husbandry.

    The highly respected endorsement awarded by the Ethical Company Organisation to Verm-X recognises corporate social responsibility. Verm-X satisfied all of the criteria that consider ethical diligence towards the environment, people and animals.

    Verm-X joins companies including Sainsbury’s, New Look and Highland Spring in being awarded the accreditation.

    Managing director Philip Ghazala — who has led the development of the company’s best ethical practices — said: “This accreditation recognises the high standards which Verm-X meets in order to produce ethical products, and is a further commitment to our aim of providing customers with effective natural alternatives to chemical-based products.

    “Ethical relations between Verm-X and the environment will continue to go from strength to strength as we strive continuously to make improvements.”

    William Sankey, research director for ECO, said: “It is crucial to look at the whole picture when choosing an ethical brand.

    “We have awarded Verm-X ethical accreditation as we found no fault with its approach to the environment, animal welfare, and human rights.”

    Verm-X produces a range of powder, pellet and liquid formulations for parasite control in equines.

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