Unique whip aimed at keeping riders safe on the road

  • A whip designed to encourage drivers to pass wide and slow has won an award.

    Gizapaw’s light-up crop was highly commended in the safety and security category of the innovation awards, at BETA International on 22 January.

    The product, which is manufactured by Vale Brothers, was the brainchild of Gizapaw managing director David Daly.

    It features LED lights and a torch at the end of the handle.

    The LED lights are intended to highlight the width of the horse and rider while the torch is designed to alert oncoming traffic, as well as providing a useful tool for the yard.

    “I see so many posts on social media about drivers not giving riders a wide enough berth and not slowing down enough and I wanted to do something to improve their safety,” Mr Daly told H&H.

    “The LED lights are so bright they are effective in daylight. It will certainly help drivers spot riders and give them more space.

    “There’s never been a whip like this before and to win an award like this is great for such a small company like us.”

    The LED lights can flash, remain on constantly or the torch can be activated.

    A button on the handle of the whip operates the different light settings and the crop has an inbuilt battery, which can be charged via a USB port.

    The whip is scheduled for release in March, will be available in red, blue, yellow and pink, and will cost £29.99.

    In its early days, Gizapaw produced items for dog owners, but the company moved into to equestrian market when a rider local to Mr Daly was seriously injured in a road accident.

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    “That’s when I thought, ‘Let’s try and work on something to make riders safer and give them confidence on the roads,” he said.

    He has since created a variety of award-winning road safety products for riders, including a high-viz vest and gilet fitted with a camera, safety exercise sheets and tail sleeves.

    “I know the riders I talk to struggle [with the costs of keeping horses] so I want to make safety gear affordable,” Mr Daly added.

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