The giant leap over a tiny fence — and other unnerving horse traits you may recognise

  • Australian cartoonist and rider Maryanne Wallace started putting her drawings into comic format four years ago — capturing those moments with horses that we all know only too well.

    “I have two quirky horses (is there any other kind?), that I keep at livery in Australia,” says Maryanne. “And I have wonderful friends at the yard whose horses provide great inspiration for my comics.”

    Through her cartoons she charts the ups and downs that life with horses bring us — and that we can manage to crack a smile about when we have a moment to take a step back.

    “My horse Halo loves food. I can’t underline, bold, or uppercase that enough. He’s a pretty cruisey dude most of the time,” says Maryanne, who has a day job in marketing.

    “I have another horse Jackson who is a very elderly thoroughbred, but he doesn’t seem to know that and has been enjoying retirement from riding duties for over 10 years. Jackson can be flighty and a big scaredy-cat, so he is also great inspiration.

    “I don’t need to worry about Jackson breaking into the feed shed. He won’t even stand in his big deluxe el-primo shelter shed. Halo on the other hand would happily burst through the roof of the feed shed, lowered from a helicopter Mission-Impossible style if it got him a snack.”

    How many of these cartoons ring a bell?

    The 1m10 leap over a 50cm fence

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    Revenge of the rug

    A diet for a top athlete

    One of a kind

    Mind reader


    Horses kind of love matchy

    The saboteur

    For more of Maryanne Wallace’s work, visit horseontherun.com

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