UK’s largest gathering of model horses to take place

  • They are usually the preserve of Trekkies and Star Wars fans – but now aficionados of model horses are to get their own three-day convention.

    Utterly Horses Hullabaloo” has been 10 years in the planning and organisers say the event, at The National Stud in Newmarket (24-26 August), will be the UK’s in one place.

    Indeed, it will be a “model horse Mecca”, claims the woman in charge, Becky Benfield.

    “We have visitors travelling far and wide to attend – the furthest being from the USA and Norway,” she told H&H.

    Fans can try their hand at painting and “showing” their own horses and meet professional model horse artists, while more than 3,000 models will be on sale, including some vintage and limited edition ones.

    With prices for some rare models reaching four or even five figures, this is definitely not one for the kids…

    For more information visit www.utterlyhorses.com.

    This news story was first published in the current issue of H&H (10 August 2012)

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