Typhoon expected in Hong Kong for Olympic equestrian events

  • A typhoon is threatening to marr the first few days of Olympic equestrian events in Hong Kong.

    Humidity in the region is set to rise as the bad weather moves in over the next few days. The rain and winds forecast in Hong Kong follow a spell of settled conditions, during which horses were flown in.

    But Olympic event rider Mary King told H&H the typhoon is not expected to be “too bad”.

    “We were prepared for the worst [weather],” she said, “but it’s been much more bearable than we expected.

    “We are told there is a typhoon coming but that it’s just a little one.”

    Similarly, British equestrian team manager Will Connell told H&H the humidity had been reasonably low over the past few days.

    “The weather is about to change, and we’re expecting it to get wetter, which might change things,” he added.

    The Olympic equestrian events kick off on Saturday (9 August) with the eventing dressage.

    Over the next few days, leading up to the weekend, the BBC is forecasting rain and showers. Temperatures of up to 29C are expected, with a 20% rise in humidity — from 74% to 90% — and wind speeds of up to 25mph.

    British equestrian team manager Will Connell said the horses were all settling in well.

    “The riders are all happy, the horses came off the plane well, we’re just going to get wet in the next few days!” he said.

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