Trapped stallion rescued by firemen

  • The firemen responsible for rescuing an Anglo-Arab stallion trapped in its stable have been honoured for their efforts by the RSPCA

    Manchester fireman have been awarded a Certificate of Commendation by the RSPCA following their successful efforts to rescue a collapsed horse.

    The two crews from Bolton and Farnworth, near Manchester, received their award after being nominated by one of the society’s regional chief inspectors.

    They were given the award in recognition for their role in rescuing Rodders, an eight-year-old, 15.2hh, Anglo-Arab stallion (pictured) that collapsed in his stable in January this year.

    They spent nearly two hours helping to rescue Rodders, who has since made a full recovery and is now back in work.

    We think Rodders injured his back in the field,” explains his owner Rachel Chapman. “Then when he lay down, he suffered a muscle spasm which meant his back and spine locked and he couldn’t get up.

    “When I found him I immediately called my vet Andrew Melling, who helped right him, but Rodders still couldn’t stand up.

    “We knew we needed manpower to get him to his feet or I would have no choice but to have Rodders put to sleep.”

    Because the stallion had collapsed in an indoor stable it meant access in and out was difficult.

    The fireman knew they were in a race against time to save Rodders. They decided that the quickest way to get him out and up was to pad down the front of the stable and walkway, and then move him to a point where he could be lifted using a forklift and special harness.

    In testament to the crew’s gentle handling and despite the fact the stallion was dragged down two steps and along 6ft of concrete, there was not a single mark on Rodders when he eventually stood up.

    “I can’t tell you how grateful I am,” said a delighted Rachel. “My gratitude is immeasurable and I don’t think I can ever repay them.”

    Farnworth Blue watch Station Officer Bill Edwards told Manchester Online: “It was a difficult job and a bit taxing.

    We were delighted when Rodders stood up – we were getting to the point where we thought they would have to put him down.”

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