Trailblazers launch working hunter series for versatile horses

  • A new working hunter series has been launched this month by Trailblazers to run alongside its current dressage, show jumping and showing classes.

    The working hunter classes — of traditional rustic jumping and a showing element — will be held in the standard Trailblazers format with open-to-all first round qualifiers leading eventually to the championship final at Stoneleigh Park (31 July/1 August 2010).

    There are classes for everyone — including working hunters exceeding 148cm (with jumps at 70cm and 90cm), 148cm and under (60cm and 80cm), mountain and moorland large, mountain and moorland small, working cob and nursery stakes for ponies under 133cm and rider 12 years and under.

    The series is already underway at some of the 60-plus show centres approved by Trailblazers nationwide.

    “We’ve launched this in response to popular demand,” said Trailblazers chairman Norman Bargh of Osbaldeston Riding Centre in Lancashire.

    Trailblazers was founded 10 years ago by a group of equestrian centre proprietors who wanted to organise a series of structured but easily accessible competitions for competitors of all ages.

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