Tragedy as DJ Sara Cox’s pony dies

  • Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox is said to be devastated after learning that her old pony, whichwas given to a family friend, has had to be put down following a suspected arson attack earlier this year.

    HHO first reported on the plight of Gus, a 26-year-old gelding, on 12 March after his stable was set fire to and he suffered horrific burns to his face, ears, head and neck.

    He initially made good progress and courageously battled for two months but unfortunately the decision was made to put him to sleep after he tripped and reopened his badly burnt skin.

    His owners Geoff and Kath McWilliams from Little Lever in Greater Manchester took their vet’s advice and told the Daily Mirror that: “he had simply endured enough and was always frightened after the attack.”

    In a statement from the Radio 1 press office, Sara Cox said she was very upset and sorry to hear that Gus had been put down.

  • Click here to read the original news story about the attack.
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