Top dressage riders at Royal Festival of the Horse on Friday

  • Visitors to the Royal Festival of the Horse on Friday will get the chance to see top British dressage riders Carl Hester and Laura Bechtolscheimer in action in the Pro-Am Challenge dressage competition, and Edward Gal and Interfloor Next One performing a masterclass.

    Six amateur riders will perform a medium level test on their own horse before passing their mount on to their professional teammate who will perform the same test.

    The team with the highest accumulation of marks across the two tests is the winner.

    The pairings, which were drawn out of a hat, are:

    • Carl Hester and Mandy Day
    • Laura Bechtolsheimer and Sharon Boyd
    • Rebecca Hughes and Lara Dyson
    • Charlotte Du Jardin and Danielle Steed
    • Paul Hayler and Sally Thorndale
    • Jodie Lister and Kaye Chapman

  • For tickets to the Royal Festival of the Horse, log on to www.festivalofthehorse.co.uk or ring 0844 5811400.
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