Tony Andre Hansen appeals to Court of Arbitration in Sport

  • Norwegian show jumper Tony Andre Hansen has applied to the Court of Arbitration in Sport (CAS) for the International Equestrian Federation’s (FEI) decision over his positive doping offence to be annulled.

    The Norwegian Olympic show jumping team was stripped of its bronze medals won at Hong Kong in August as a result of the FEI tribunal’s ruling on 22 December 2008.

    Tony Andre Hansen’s horse Camiro — along with four other show jumpers’ mounts from different teams at the Olympic Games — tested positive for the banned substance capsaicin.

    Mr Hansen’s was the last of six medication offences at the Olympics to be resolved by the FEI disciplinary committee.

    Mr Hansen denied using capsaicin on Camiro but the tribunal banned him from competition for 135 days and ordered he be fined Swiss Francs 3,000 (£1,870) with Swiss Francs 8,000 (£4,900) legal costs.

    Mr Hansen had been suspended since 21 August, so his disqualification ended on 2 January.

    The CAS said it would rule on the case within four months.

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