Tiny Tinkerbell is Redwings’ adoption star

  • Miniature Shetland Tinkerbell is not much bigger than your average Labrador — and, like a dog, she is particularly partial to having her tummy tickled.

    The 6-year-old bundle, who measures in at just 78cm, is the daughter of Elsie, who was rescued from the horrors of Spindles Farm in Amersham in 2008. She has joined the Redwings Adoption Club and is hoping to meet visitors at the charity’s Essex visitor centre.

    Tinkerbell might be tiny, but according to her carers she has a larger-than-life personality.

    When she was first born Tinkerbell had several health problems, which led to her spending time in the charity’s horse hospital. She learnt that if she laid down for her examinations she got a belly tickle — something that she still loves to this day.

    “We all love dinky Tinkerbell, with her tiny frame and huge personality,” explained fundraising manager Gemma Walpole. “As she is such a ‘people pony’ we wanted to add her to the scheme so our supporters are able to be-friend her through adoption and visits. People coming to her paddock and giving her lots of fuss is this little pony’s idea of bliss!”

    The Redwings Adoption Club offers a year’s adoption of a Redwings horse, pony, donkey or mule at £12.50, which goes directly towards daily care. Adopters receive updates on their new friend’s horsey life including a birthday party invitation.

    The Redwings Ada Cole Visitor Centre near Nazeing in Essex is open Friday to Monday 10am-4pm until 22 March, when it opens 7 days a week. Entry is free.

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