Tim Stockdale injured during fall while trying a potential new horse

  • British showjumper Tim Stockdale has broken his collarbone while trying out a new horse and looks set to be out of action for the next three weeks.

    “The horse tripped a stride after he jumped a fence and to be fair I was very lucky he didn’t roll over on top of me,” Tim told H&H. “I knew within 30 seconds I’d broken my collarbone as it was so incredibly sore and I had difficulty moving my arm. I think the horse was a bit sore afterwards, too.”

    Tim, 52, broke his neck in a similar incident while trying out a horse in 2011. On Tuesday (31 January) he had driven five hours from his Northants yard to ride this prospective purchase.

    “I can highly recommend Carlisle Accident and Emergency department — I was in there, X-rayed and sent off with pain relief within an hour and a half, which is pretty good going!” said Tim, who hopes to return to competition on one of the European jumping tours in six weeks’ time.

    “We’re fairly quiet at the moment as the horses had been jumping right up to Liverpool at New Year, so if there was a good time to do it, I suppose it is now and all the guys here are able to take over.”

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    Tim has his arm supported in a foam sling in the meantime and is under strict doctor’s orders to let the healing process run its course.

    “It’s not a bad break at least — it’s a fairly clean fracture — so it’s just a question of keeping it stable,” said Tim, who reckons this is about the sixth time he’s broken his collarbone.

    “It’s also at the shoulder end of the clavicle rather than near the neck which makes it easier — I broke it once near the neck and it hurts like the devil.

    “The foam support is there to keep the pressure off the bones and riding-wise I hope to be back again in about three weeks.”

    We wish you a speedy recovery, Tim!

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