Thoroughbred “artists” paint for charity

  • In a unique experiment to help raise funds for US charity, racehorses have produced a selection of watercolours to be auctioned later this month

    Is your horse a buddingPicasso?

    A new fund-raising idea from America is set to change all preconceived ideas about the creative abilities of our equine friends.

    The Kentucky-based charity, ReRun, which organises a Thoroughbred adoption programme, has discovered what a number of already “famous” horses from the racetrack can do on canvas.

    The horses have produced watercolours using non-toxic paints in vibrant colours on special watercolour papers.

    Some have painted with their tails and hooves, while another took the brush in his mouth to paint a picture.

    Winstar Farm is one stud in Lexington which agreed to take part in the fundraising project. Co-owner, Bill Casner, said: “As an industry we have an inherent responsibility to take care of the athletes that make it all possible, not only when they are winning but in the many years that follow.”

    The artwork has been photographed and placed on the Mane Event website at www.themaneeventkentucky.orgwhere users can vote for their favourite.

    The unidentified framed originals will be placed on display in Lexington, Kentucky, during the weeks leading up to the sale 30 March.

    The identities of the artists will be revealed before the live auction as will the voting.

    Shon Wylie, ReRun co-founder and president, said: “We did a little creative thinking on this latest project. We hope that it will bring good PR to the Thoroughbred industry and show that we do know how to lighten up and have fun.”

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