The Pony Club launches online dressage championships

  • Young riders around the country will be able to compete against each other without leaving the yard in the new Pony Club online dressage championships.

    Qualifying classes, which are open to members of any UK or overseas Pony Club branch or centre, will run until 30 July.

    The highest placed riders will then be eligible for the online championships, from 15 August-30 September.

    “This is a marvellous opportunity for riders of all levels, as the tests run from walk and trot up to intermediate,” said Nereide Goodman of Dressage Anywhere, the competition website running the series together with The Pony Club.

    “Competing from home is fun and develops the ability and confidence of both pony and rider before going to a live competition.”

    All tests will be marked by a British Dressage judge, with an online scoreboard and test sheets available to download.

    “The online dressage championships will be a great opportunity, in particular for our centre members who do not have their own ponies, to compete on a national level,” said Lucy Goler of The Pony Club.

    To enter, riders need to register with Dressage Anywhere, choose a test and make a video of them riding it. The entry fee is £10 per class.

    Videos can be uploaded either to the Dressage Anywhere website or YouTube.

    Visit www.dressageanywhere.com.

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