The Brooke appeals for ’emergency help’ for Egyptian horses

  • International equine welfare charity The Brooke is appealing for “emergency feed” for starving horses in Egypt.

    In February H&H reported that 2,000 Egyptian equines were suffering after political unrest caused tourism to grind to a standstill.

    This left owners unable to earn a living to feed their horses.

    And in July the plight of working horses in Egypt was still ongoing.

    And now, nearly a year later, The Brooke is appealing for help again.

    “The situation is deteriorating fast,” said Nasser Hosny, director of Brooke Egypt.

    “We know owners are having difficulty coping and horses are not being fed enough. We are working with owners to agree which animals are neediest and receive feed.

    “We have just completed another survey on horses, assessing body condition and dehydration levels, and have become increasingly concerned by the number of dangerouslythin horses.

    As a result, we are launching an appeal to provide supplemental feed to horses most in need.”

    The Brooke, working with the Donkey Sanctuary and government vets, will assess horses. Tokens will be distributed that can be exchanged for 7kgs of concentrated supplementary feed for one week supply per horse, provided by the local feed seller.

    To donate visit: www.thebrooke.org/egyptappeal

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