Teddy the foal celebrates his first birthday

  • What a difference a year makes.

    Teddy, a foal who was dumped on the side of a road at just 8 weeks old, celebrates his first birthday this week.

    He was found by a busy road in Buckinghamshire in September 2013 and was taken to The Horse Trust.

    But Teddy was so ill and weak that he had to go to the Royal Veterinary College, where he spent three weeks in intensive care. His chances of survival were slim but the gutsy little foal pulled through — and today is a healthy, cheeky yearling.

     Photos of Teddy before and after

    Photos of Teddy before and after

    Jeanette Allen, chief executive of The Horse Trust said Teddy’s story was “inspirational”.

    She continued: “No one thought this tiny foal would survive. There was a moment when he lay with his head on my lap and I thought he had breathed his last.

    “But thanks to round-the-clock care and Teddy’s incredible spirit, he now has a bright future.”

    When Teddy returned to The Horse Trust to recuperate, he was befriended by George, a 36-year-old Shetland pony. They are seen here inspecting the many presents and cards Teddy received from staff and supporters of the charity — including a large sack of carrots.

    Teddy and George with carrots and presents

    Teddy and George with carrots and presents

    He had already won thousands of fans, who followed his recovery on the charity’s Facebook page. Teddy even has dedicated sponsors who help pay for his care.

    Teddy checks out his Birthday cake

    Teddy checks out one of his Birthday gifts

    Jeanette Allen thanked all those members of the public whose generosity helped fund Teddy’s treatment.

    “We are so grateful to everyone who helped give Teddy a second chance at life,” she said.

    “If you would like to give Teddy the perfect birthday present, sign up to sponsor him from just £2 per month.”


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