‘Like a horror movie’: swarm of wasps attacks horse

  • A rider has told of her horror after her horse was stung more than 100 times by a swarm of wasps in a freak incident.

    Chloe Roberts’ cob Elvis needed veterinary treatment and her friend was taken to A&E after they were attacked.

    “I went to catch him from the field after work and he was absolutely surrounded by what I thought were flies,” explained Chloe.

    “The next thing I knew I had wasps stinging me.

    “It was like something out of a horror movie — I didn’t know what to do.”

    Elvis stings 2The 22-year-old called for help and some friends came to her aid, one of whom reacted so badly to her stings she needed to go to hospital. She is now recovering at home.

    “Eventually I managed to catch Elvis — he had them stuck to him,” said Chloe, adding the horse was “dripping” with sweat.

    Worried about Elvis potentially going into septic shock, she called the Damory Equine vets and hosed him to sooth the stings and cool his body down.

    “His body temperature just rocketed,” she added.

    Within about half an hour, a vet arrived and gave Elvis steroids and antihistamines.

    Elvis stings 1

    “The next day he was ok — obviously the steroids and the antihistamines were still working,” said Chloe.

    Elvis is now on the mend, but is still “very itchy” and has lost chunks of his coat.

    The wasps were found to have come from an underground nest in the fence-line of Elvis’ field and pest controllers were called in to destroy it.

    Chloe, who hunts Elvis with the Portman “as often as they possibly can” and also shows him at county level, added that her friends and the vets were “all fantastic”.

    “Elvis is my absolute world, my best friend and I hate to imagine life without him,” she said.

    Chloe and Elvis enjoy hunting and showing

    Chloe and Elvis enjoy hunting and showing

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